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Visionary Films Stockholm was founded in 2014 with the dedication to create powerful and authentic storytelling through film and video production. We are passionate about bringing positive stories to life, helping companies and organizations to visualize and communicate their message in an inspiring and empowering way. We have produced over one hundred films, including web films and commercials, vision films, testimonial films, mini documentaries and full length documentaries for TV. Our clients include TV4, WWF, Google, United Nations Development Programme, BRIS, IBM, Postkodstiftelsen, Svensk Allmännytta, Sustainable Innovations and many more. One film that we are extra proud of is the sustainability documentary The Urban Green for WWF. It was premiered at the United Nations climate conference in Paris 2015. Another film that really caught fire was the activist film on plastic for A Good Company, showing how much plastic we consume. It was viewed 4 million times on Facebook. 

We truly believe that inspiring storytelling, documentaries and short films enriches the lives of people and have the power to connect, engage, empower and improve our world. We work with both small and large clients to help tell their story in an inspiring way. You are most welcome to contact us for further information. All the best, Tommy

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Tommy Gärdh

Creative Director & Producer

+46 (0)70 4158257

Visionary Films Stockholm 

Hälsingegatan 9A

113 23 Stockholm



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